Pine Bush House - Pine Bush, New York, 12566, United States


Are you interested in the paranormal? Have you ever wanted to participate in a ghost investigation? Have you ever wanted to have a psychic reading?

Local psychic, Barbara Roth, is doing all this at Pine Bush House!


$20.00/person for a ghost investigation - she'll tell you which room has spirits, which room has a cat that likes to curl up at the end of the bed, and much more.

$20.00/person for a 20 minute psychic reading (feel free to bring jewelry, photos, etc). 

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*24 hour cancellation policy*

Here's what Linda Zimmerman, Author of the Ghost Investigator series, and Hudson Valley Haunts says about Pine Bush House B&B.

"After investigating hundreds of haunted sites over the better part of almost two decades, there are several things I always look for: the intensity and frequency of the activity, the number and reliability of the witnesses, history to support the nature of the activity, and the evidence I collect during my investigations.
On all these accounts, the Pine Bush House B&B stands out as some place special. When owner Barbara Grey asked me to investigate the century-old house, I was at first struck by the beauty—the inviting front porch, the woodwork, the furnishings and décor—but I have been doing this long enough to immediately know there was more to this place. We were not alone.
In my opinion, there are several spirits in this house. And I’m not just taking the word of all the witnesses, because I personally experienced the sound of footsteps and voices, watched the EMF meter spike, and heard strange noises in direct response to my questions.
On my second investigation, I was accompanied by psychic Barbara Roth Bleitzhofer, who was able to begin to piece together the puzzle of who these spirits are, and why they have remained. From the jazz musician who came in with the piano, to the mischievous children, to the elderly man who still sits in his favorite spot, the haunted activity is being matched with the nature and characters of those who revealed themselves to her.
One final note: not all ghostly encounters are created equal, and at no point in my investigations did I ever feel that there was anything threatening here. Of course, footsteps approaching you when no one is there can be unnerving, but if you are looking for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary—all the way to the other side!—than I highly recommend a stay at the Pine Bush House B&B.
And I won’t blame you if you decide to sleep with the lights on…"

Linda Zimmermann
Author of the Ghost Investigator series, and Hudson Valley Haunts

  • ghost hunt

We conducted an investigation of the Pine Bush House B&B and it was amazing! Very clear footsteps and other sounds. And psychic Barbara Roth was incredible, as always. Here she is by the old piano, which she felt still has the old jazz pianist attached to it! And that was just one of many spirits, but you'll have to wait for Ghost Investigator Volume 12 for the rest of the story.

  • mist

Caught on a motion sensor camera late one night - "mist" at the bottom of the stairs in the entry way.  Click on the picture to enlarge.

Pine Bush House
215 Maple Avenue
Pine Bush, New York, 12566, United States
Call: (845) 744-3641


Relaxation done right...

For those seeking tranquility and restoration...welcome to Pine Bush House Bed & Breakfast, a charming and romantic Victorian home built in 1904. The Inn's quiet elegance has long made it a favorite for honeymoons, anniversaries, and other special getaways. One of the many ways in which we provide exemplary service to our guests is by anticipating their every need. In some cases, that need comes in the form of a request for a "permanent vacation." When this happens, generally we hear a long, contented sigh, followed by an "I wish I never had to leave." That's when we know our remarkable "white glove treatment" has worked it's magic.